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Kiddi Bank Day Care, Nursery & School Facilities

At KiddiBank your child is cared for in a relaxed child friendly & educational environment.



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Opening Hours

We are open all year.
Monday-Friday: 07.30 till 19.00
Customized hours to suit your needs.
Age range 6 months to 6 years.
Bilingual English & Spanish.

Our Mission

Kiddi Bank is an extraordinary Child Care Centre and Pre School situated in San Roque Club just outside Sotogrande.

The philosophy of our school is to ensure that when parents leave their children at Kiddi Bank, whether they are at work or other activity, they can be safe in the knowledge that their child is well cared for.

We understand that in the present economic climate it is often essential that both parents must work, the flexibility that is offered on both service and payment makes life so much easier for you the parents. This philosophy makes our School and Day Care Centre one of the most sought after in the area for babies, toddlers & pre school children.

Our school is situated within a 20 km radius of Gibraltar, and Estepona, encompassing within this radius, Manilva, Sabinillas, Duquesa, San Roque, La Linea & Campamento allowing working parents the perfect location to drop off and collect while to and from work.

Our School & Child Care Centre has so much more to offer with additional services, such as after school clubs , Pick up and drop off services from local schools, sleep overs, and babysitting.


Opening Hours

We are open all year.

Mon- Friday: 07.30 till 19.00. customized hours to suit your needs.

Age range 6 months to 6 years
Bilingual English & Spanish

About Us

The First Steps

Settling in Period… The first time your child separates from you can be as much of an upsetting experience for you the parent , more than your child! and our sympathetic and well-trained staff are well aware of this and can assist in making the whole process much happier and less traumatic for you both !. Your child will be assigned a key person who will be responsible for ensuring that their introduction to our day care goes as smoothly as possible. You will be able to stay with your child until he or she settles in, after which we would encourage you to leave for short periods of time. The settling in period is rarely as difficult as you imagine it to be, and children quickly learn that day care is a happy, friendly place to be. If there are any problems these are quickly addressed by your child´s key person with you and our day care manager if required. Contact Information… When your child starts day care we ask you to provide all necessary information such as contact telephone numbers, names of people who will collect him or her on a regular basis, sleeping and feeding routines.   It is important we know all food likes and dislikes, allergies etc. Our aim is to ensure that your child´s routine, especially if they are very small, reflects where possible, their home routine. Parents Concerns… Above all, the settling in period is a time when parents are always welcome to discuss any concerns and resolve any teething troubles. Your child´s first few weeks at Kiddi Bank will be the foundation of a happy, secure childhood, and their time at our day care will give them the confidence and skills to enjoy a successful pre-school and school career.

Safe and Sound

Your child´s safety and well-being is our paramount concern here at Kiddi Bank. It is vital that you the parents feel confident when depositing your child in our care, knowing they are safe. Child security ………is a priority here. No-one is allowed on the premises that are not known to a member of our staff. We operate an effective door entry system so staff can perform a check on everyone entering our day care centre. Unrecognised visitors are always challenged. All visitors must register at reception. You will be required to specify which person will regularly deliver and collect your child. If a different person is to collect your child you must notify our staff in advance and the individual must provide proof of identity before being admitted. Similarly, parents are requested not to admit anyone into the day care centre they do not know and who has not made themselves known to the day care staff. Our staff are trained to offer first aid to children and to deal with allergies and anaphylactic shock. Inside and outside the building all play areas are safe, with fences, doors, locks and all gates fully secured. Our play equipment is regularly checked for breakages and faults and replaced when required.

Our Partnership With Parents

Parents are our partners, and therefore have a strong input into every aspect of our day care centre. We welcome parents´ comments and consult on a regular basis about how the day care centre is run and the service we offer. Your child´s key person and our day care manager are always willing to meet with you and discuss your child´s progress or answer any concerns you may have. When you come to collect your child, their key person will tell you about his or her day, activities and achievements. A more formal review of progress will take place during the year, and you are encouraged to read through your child´s on going progress record. Partnership is a two-way process, and we like our parents to assist us ensuring our centre runs smoothly. We request, for example, that you follow our security guidelines with regard to admitting unknown people into the centre, and that you keep us informed about any allergies or special diets your child may have. We have a strict policy on admitting children with infectious illnesses, and we would ask that you respect the quarantine period specified by our day care manager, for the benefit of other children, parents and staff.

Our Day Care and Your Child

You can expect our day care staff to cater for every aspect of your child´s play, development and entertainment. Children are separated into groups according to their age and development requirements. We have indoor and outdoor play areas, facilities for sand and water play, creative activities, concentrated one-on-one activity and rest areas. The equipment available is carefully chosen to be suitable for the children´s age and stage of development. A balanced diet is crucial to a child’s physical and mental development, we offer balanced nutritional snacks and meals for all our children. All served in our Dining room. Ask for more information.

Learning Through Play

Our child activities are specifically planned and organised on a daily basis to ensure they are appropriate and specific to each age group. Your child will only progress to the next stage when they are ready and when this has been discussed with you, and you are happy with this decision. We follow an education programme that ensures your child receives the best possible start on their road to learning in a stimulating and encouraging setting. For babies and toddlers (0-3 years) we use a system which recognises that the children need to develop and learn through interaction with people and exploration of the environment around them. Divided into four ‘Aspects’, we focus on the skills and competence of babies and young children and highlight the relationship between growth, learning, development and the environment in which they are cared for and educated. For 3-6 year olds (pre-school), we focus on a slightly different system more suited to the older child, this is split into six key areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • General knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Physical development.
  • Creative development.
  • Communication skills, language and literacy.
  • Mathematics and numeracy.

Each of the above skill areas have a set of stages that progress towards early learning goals and targets. We co-ordinate and plan activities which help meet the diverse needs of each child individually in order that they are prepared properly when it is time to start school. Learning is encouraging through play and includes activities to involve each area. Your child will be encouraged and supported every step of the way and a record will be kept of their personal development to ensure that their every need is met.


Our Pricing Structure

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